Saturday, July 17, 2010

Beauty and Aesthetics

Wow….two months have gone by since I’ve written for this blog. What a lazy guy, right? Distracted by work, friends, sleep, etc. But hopefully I can churn out some quality writing more frequently.

Oh, and about the Lenten thing- I’ll talk about that another time!

But now……..time for the post for today, which will be about beauty.

“Beauty, you say?” Yup, beauty. More importantly, aesthetics. Why am I talking about this? Well, I’ve always been interested in looks. Funnily enough, I myself am not a vain person per se; I don’t go out of my way to look incredible, for instance. I am just an average guy with average looks. I do like things that are visually appealing though. Beautiful architecture, beautiful women, beautiful scenery, beautiful technology. Beauty manifests itself in many ways and many forms.

Actually, this topic came to mind a few weeks ago. If you’ve noticed, the blog has a brand spankin’ new look to it. After visiting from an extended absence, I noticed that the blog had a new “edit template” to it and so I decided to fiddle with it. After a while of exploring the options, I made it work and got the result that you now see on the blog. Looks nice, right? And so, I got to thinking- I need a new topic for the blog, so why not comment on how I changed the look? This led me to think about aesthetics in general.

Ever since I was small, I’ve liked drawing and coloring. Unfortunately, I was never good at drawing, although my techniques have vastly improved since my stick figure days. I was good at coloring though, since back in the days, your biggest worry is keeping inside the lines. I also have thought that I have a good sense of color matching. I don’t use this to match my clothing, because it works slightly different and until very recently, I’ve never cared much about clothing or that kind of thing. But colors… coloring scenery, or making patterns for robots, that sort of thing I liked and was pretty good at. I’ve never taken an art course before (although I will soon!) so my knowledge isn’t academic but more innate, I think. It’s nice to arrange things to bring out the colors or make certain things stand out more than others, like stocking sodas of different flavors.

I’ve always been fascinated by colors. My favorite color used to be red, since I was a huge fan of the Power Rangers, and come on, who doesn’t want to be the Red Ranger? But soon, I started developing a leaning towards gold, white, and black. Right now, I prefer blue more than anything but I appreciate every color and I know how each color can look nicer when paired with another complementary color.

Beauty in general is a mysterious thing. Most people admire beautiful things more than ugly things, but many people disagree what beauty truly is. Some women who are considered beautiful by some could be considered only average by others, although there does seem to be a consensus on who the most beautiful women are. There are women who aren’t that appealing to most but a few people find them absolutely amazing. Of course, this applies to men as well. There are some people who look at art and declare it a masterpiece while others shun it and call that particular piece or style as garbage. Some people find the calm and refreshing beauty of nature appealing while others look at skyscrapers and cities as a sign of technological beauty. beauty is something that cannot be described by only one set of adjectives, it is something that each of us contribute and that no one person can claim as right.

I used to consider people as ugly, evil creatues, but now I can see them as beautiful, in physical, mental, emotional, all different types of aspects. I can now see the beauty in human nature, both as part of nature and as something more. People as well can see beauty and admire beauty in others. I hope that you can also think about beauty and just take a minute to take in the beauty. Till next time, see ya!