Sunday, January 31, 2010

Astrology and Horoscopes

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to talk a bit about something that people (sadly!) get confused about when they talk to me.

Sometimes, you’re just walking around, when all of a sudden an uncle or cousin or even a random stranger asks you, “Do you go to college?” When you answer yes, the obligatory question of what are you studying comes up, at which point I respond with “Astronomy and Astrophysics” (all professional-like). What comes next is what kills me. They ask me, “Oh, is that like astrology?” or “You’re learning how to be like (so-and-so fortuneteller)?” at which point I have to swallow my pride and say that no, astrology and astronomy are not related subjects. The first time this happens, you’re not too bothered by it, since you know, it could just be that they misheard you or they got confused momentarily. But when it’s the 50th time, you know something’s wrong.

Why does this matter? The above paragraph is more or less irrelevant to what I’m going to talk about next, but I thought it served to be a good enough introductory paragraph. Anyway. What made me talk about this? Well, I was originally going to talk about something else, maybe something more serious, but then I thought of my birthday, which is coincidentally this month of February. So I thought, why not? I can have fun talking about Aquarius, right? And it’s semi-related to astronomy so it wouldn’t be such a big tangent for this blog. So yea, I’m an Aquarius. I’ve always liked my astrological sign, although not the constellation as much. I mean, look at it:

It’s not the most pleasant looking thing. It looks like a badly drawn polygon with a line jutting out. I don’t know how those Greeks made these stellar arrangements but I highly disagree with how some of those shapes look like. The drawings of the constellation look pretty good, but then again, it’s not how the actual arrangement of stars looks so you’re going to have to stretch your imagination to get this:

from the first image. I liked my constellation though, mainly because it was a human one, something it shares only with Virgo and Gemini. Plus, he has a big water jug! He must be strong, right? I had always known from an early age that astrology wasn’t really a legitimate of obtaining knowledge, due to me having a strong interest in learning astronomy, but it was always fun to just wish being born under Aquarius to mean something.

I always made fun of my family’s star signs, since Pisces was just a couple of fish, and guess who has control over the water supply? Aries………. I’m not really afraid of rams. Ironically enough, my mother has Sagittarius, which is pretty intimidating, and half-human to boot. Fortunately, she’s a gentle person, unlike her sign. But I very much enjoyed being Aquarius, although I was almost born a Pisces. I stopped caring around middle school though, and it just fell out of mind. However, the stories about the astrological symbols and the myths attached to each sign were interesting. I also had a big interest in mythology back then, so I read up on some of the myths associated with the signs. And come on, how cool are “magical” symbols? Looking rad. But yea, it’s no longer important to me. However, whenever astrology comes up, I proudly say “I am an Aquarius, the Water Bearer. What now?”

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  1. When people say that to me, I have come to the point where I just give them a dirty look and walk away...