Sunday, August 16, 2009

Magic and Me

And now for something completely different.

I’m going to take a break from all the theology and seriousness for today and tell you guys about one of my new hobbies, Magic. Magic: The Gathering is a trading card game that has a long established history and is probably the biggest one today. However, I am a newbie to the history, so I won’t be retelling it here. Instead I’ll tell you a bit about MY history with the game.

How did I get into Magic? Good question. It all started with my friends from school. Two of my friends were playing a card game called Magic. I’ve heard about it but never got into it. However, I knew how fun card games can be, since I was an avid Yu-Gi-Oh! player. Anyway, I continued observing them play. Soon, a third friend got into it (or rejoined the fray), and pretty soon I was intrigued more and more. I didn’t want to get into it yet, since I know I tend to go overboard with these things, but I decided to keep an open mind. All I remember is that they had fun playing and making references about it. This all happened in freshman yea, if I’m not mistaken. At the end of freshman year, a fourth friend got into it, and soon I began wondering if I should join them.

Sophomore year rolled around and as I saw my four friends playing Magic, it made me want to play even more. One day I decided to play a game with two of my friends, using a deck loaned from a third. Apparently, the deck I used was a hard one to master, and I ended up making several fatal mistakes. But the funny part was that I actually won. Why? Because both of my friends made a silly mistake at the end, which lead to my victory by default. However, I had no idea what I did at all during the game, so I decided to practice more on different occasions, as well as read up on the rules a bit.

Around Christmas, I had a small grasp on the game, and decided, why not? I looked for what I thought was the best cards. Because of the way I thought the game functioned, I was lead to believe that life gaining was fairly important. I had noticed that the game makes you start with 20 life, but with so many spells that can either chip away at it, or the sheer number of monsters that can attack you, that I felt padding my life total would lead to successful victories. I bought an Eventide deck, Life Drain, and a Guildpact one, called Code of the Orzhov, as well as a Reya Dawnbringer. I bought those two decks because first, I wanted cards that gave me life, and second, because I was fascinated with black and white, and especially hybrid black/white cards. My goal was to make a angel/demon deck, but since most angels are expensive mana-wise, and the demons had detrimental effects, I decided that it would not be a good idea for a beginner. I also ended up buying two Tenth Edition decks, the white one with a Cho Manno (or Bro Manno, as we refer to him in these here parts) and the black one with
Ascendant Evincar. However, out of all the cards I got (and trust me, getting four decks was going a bit overboard for a beginner), the one I fell in love with was this one: Divinity of Pride. Bar none, this is my favorite card in all of Magic. Out of the four decks I bought, I made my very first deck, a life gain deck. This is my baby, and still my strongest one, striking fear into the hearts of my friends whenever I play them.

At first, it was a bit rocky. My deck was good, and it won a fair amount of games, but the problem was it was just too slow. Many of my cards are mana intensive and my mana sources were less than adequate. I kept tweaking it until it now works reasonably well and quick enough to withstand several deck types, and occasionally pulling some quick wins itself. Out of all my decks, it is still my best one, and also my favorite. I decided to then make a discard deck, since I liked that effect for some reason. This is the first deck I made from scratch, and dropped quite a bit of money on it. It now no longer exists, but part of it is now one half of another deck I have. The discard deck was good, but not as good as my life gain, and it was also too slow to be effective.

My third deck is another black one, with a focus on reanimation. I only had Dread Return as my reanimation card, but it worked quite well. This deck was not as fast as I would have liked, but still fast enough to pull off the Dread Return/Spirit of the Night. It also had a lot of removal. This deck was really fun to play with. This is also the time when I started noticing my shift towards more black, but I still liked playing with white. For some reason, blue’s counterspells annoyed me, as did green’s creature army and red’s burn spells. So I kept to white and black. This is also the time when I started trying to collect the spirit avatars from Shadowmoor/Eventide. Even now, I am missing only two. Well, you know how Divinity is my favorite card, but Demigod of Revenge comes close. Such a ridiculously good card.

My fourth deck was a deck I made for pity, since I felt bad for red, blue, and green, and I have three of the spirit avatars that, because of their color combination, were completely unusable to me otherwise- the Deus of Calamity, the Overbeing of Myth, and the Dominus of Fealty. The deck was kind of bad, but still pretty fun to play with. I also started noticing that I had way too many cards.

I currently have about 10 decks, mostly since I also bought the Divine vs Demonic duel decks and have a big collection of cards. The demon deck in particular is probably my second best deck, and also my fastest. I got lucky I managed to get four Demigods, which make this deck oh so deliciously fun to use. The presence of Demonic Tutor is pretty nifty as well. I also have a colored artifact deck with is pretty fun to use, although I would like it to win more often.

Well, as you can see my story comes to an end right now. I am now a pretty decent player, and can pretty much hold my own against my friends and then some. And for those of you whom I will play against, watch out because the life gain deck is getting a bit of an upgrade. Watch for it!


  1. Your decks are great, but so freaking hard to play against! They're so frustrating.

    Akroma. Forever.

  2. Haha. They'll only get worse from here. The only decks left that I really want to make are a reanimation deck and a pure counterspell deck. But I have no money left to make them with. Oh well, at least I have my life gain, demon, and colored Esper decks to use ^_^