Sunday, July 12, 2009


Well, since I have nothing good to write about today (well I do, just that nothing really comes to mind that requires urgent telling), I will talk a bit about some pictures that I made. Of course, I didn’t really make them, I just masterfully used Photoshop to edit these scans and/or add some more special effects on them. I have quite a creative side, but since my artistic skills are unfortunately subpar, I can’t quite make my imagination reality via a paper medium. That is why I have taken to computer editing of images, since I can take a pre-drawn image and make it better looking. My goal is to actually draw some of my characters that I have made up and THEN edit them to look even better. But alas, that dream will have to wait.

So without further ado, let me demonstrate my art!

First off, this is my first image that I managed to edit:

As you can see, it is a bit plain. Of course, I was but a mere beginner at that stage (even though I still am kind of a beginner….), but even then I showed my flair for…..flair? Anyway, this took me about a day to shop. Since I was trying to learn how to do special effects like the glowing and feathering, it took a while to look up the steps on tutorials. For a first work though, it was relatively good, I would say. The reason why it is so small height wise is because I wanted to make it into a signature for a forum that I used to go to (the forum no longer exists).

The second one I did was a bit more fun, since it was completely random and just for me:

This here is Jeremiah Gottwald, the most LOYAL man ever. While my first one featured Lelouch, since that was my avatar on the site, this one was inspired because of one of my friends. During one of my more boring classes, I just goofed off, so one day I showed him something that Jeremiah did at the end of Code Geass (you know Jeremiah came from CG, right? RIGHT?!?!?!?! I kid.) and I said a catchphrase that is spoken ever so often in CG- “YES, YOUR MAJESTY”, in all it’s Engrishy glory. This become a small inside joke, and for some reason, I decided that making another sig would be a good idea. I made this one like, two days after the previous one. It’s a bit more intricate than the first one, simply because I felt like I knew what I was doing. This one also took about a day and a half. I added some nice orange background because everyone knows that orange is the color of LOYALTY. Just in case you were wondering, the LOYAL thing is a CG joke among the fanbase. It came out a bit nicer than the other one, even though I’m more partial to blue and black.

Then the third one:

Oh boy. I made this one right after the previous one (see the pattern? Also, I feel like I’m abusing the parentheses too much). This makes three sigs in a week, not a bad pace, except when you have tons of homework. Anyway, this was inspired because of Gundam 00, which was one of my favorite shows at the time. I think season 2 was still running. The main character, Setsuna, was featured here along with his first Gundam, the Exia. I am still planning on making another one with the 00 Raiser, but as of yet have not found good scans of the 00 Raiser or have just been too lazy. This one is a lot more detailed than my previous two attempts. I used 3 pictures, which are all very annoying to trim, and then applied several different effects, like textures and Gaussian blurs, to make them look like that. I also made the blue background as opposed to shamelessly ripping off other people. All in all, looks a lot better and more pro than my other two ones. This one took almost three days, as opposed to the other ones. Wow. After this one and the time consumed making these, I decided to take a break.

This is Lelouch, in a dramatic pose:

The fourth one I have is actually designed to be a desktop. I liked the CG desktops that I had, but I wanted one that looked REALLY nice, so I decided, hey why not? After all, it was a while since I hadn’t shopped anything. So I began with cropping a previous Lelouch background with him doing the pose as you see here, then making his color more vibrant with the brightness/contrast settings. Then, make him glow a bit, and voila! he’s done! For the background, I wanted something darker than the old one, so it occurred to me to get an image of the Hubble deep field and make it all blue. Making the galaxies shiny via the Gaussian blur method made them look crappy, so I only did minimal blurring. Then I just added the two words you see and I finished. This actually took not all that long, most of the work went into the cropping. It now sits on my desktop, after a few slight tweaks.

The last one I have here is the one I finished about two weeks ago:

It features the Gawain, Lelouch’s personal Knightmare Frame (read: gigantic robot). The design of the Gawain is so appealing to me; the black and gold go well together, plus the Hadron cannons it has on its shoulders and the way it makes that hanging arms pose. For this one, I decided to go all out, or as all out as I could. I daresay it is a masterpiece. I added glow to the Gawain with blur, fixed the coloring, and added a glow to its flight pack by making a separate green ellipse that I placed over the original image (those green things glow more than before because of the green ellipses.) I even found a way to make the words glow! Wow, I’m nice. However, I blanked out on ideas for a background. I asked some friends, and they gave me the idea for the Pleiades, so I went with it. After tweaking the sisters, and adding a blue moon I cropped and shopped (heh heh, that rhymes), I was done. That one took two days; however, it was a lot better than any of the ones before. Very nice. I feel as if my skills are getting better. Unfortunately I ran out of ideas, so maybe if you, the readers, could be so kind enough to give me some?

Don't forget to check on more pics coming soon.

Once again thanks for reading, and see ya next week! That is, if the laziness doesn’t strike again…


  1. I believe I was that 'some friends' who suggested the pleiades... brilliant. Perhaps you should try your skills at something other than anime? I don't know what, but it might help your skills with other ps techniques.

  2. That's what I want. However, I dunno if real people will come out good, but if you have some suggestions, I'm willing to try them

  3. you can always try editing photos you've taken

  4. Eh.....I would rather not use real life photos, since the images clash (like the color, shine, etc.) Maybe if you find a very good model (aka hot female) then I can make some magic happen.