Sunday, July 19, 2009

God and His Biggest Fan [Intermission]

The Alpha and the Omega………..the Beginning and the End………..Lord of Lords, King of Kings. These are just some of the titles given to the Christian God. However, even all these names, I feel, fail to convey how I feel about him. As a Catholic, there is something majestic about God, especially when at a Mass with beautiful music and a wondrous church to worship in. God for me is something that is not able to be expressed in words, someone who has always stood by me even when the world abandoned me.

It’s weird, because I decided to write this as soon as I came out of church just a while ago. I had been feeling a bit sick today, not to mention tired from traveling a lot. I almost missed Mass due to me being somewhere else; however, I made it. I almost thought I would fall asleep, but thank goodness I didn’t. For some reason, I felt more alive in church, almost as if being there was giving me strength, not only to stay awake, but for me to continue on living. I always like that feeling that going to Mass gives me, that feeling of hopefulness and strength. I just feel so alive right now. It is really hard to explain unless you yourself are a believer, but I’m sure that whatever belief you believe in (or lack of) , you have your own set of beliefs that make you feel happy. I just wanted to tell someone how I felt, I guess. It felt really good, and it's been a while since something has given me a feeling like how i felt the past hour.

For me, I was just grateful to God for giving me at least this hour to talk to Him and worship Him and for Him to give me grace and calm in my heart.

I will use this short blog post to announce that pretty soon I will have more free time to write more serious blogs, about theology, philosophy, and the life. Consider this an “intermission”. Maybe one of those posts will be about how my belief in God came to be, and how it has evolved. For now, all I can say is, have patience for me. Of course, I will also talk about non-important but interesting things. Now though, I want to start really taking my ideas to flight. Continue supporting me if you are, and if you’re not, start now! I promise you won’t regret it!

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit


  1. It's good that you feel this way.

    For me, this feeling comes from breakfast. And bacon.