Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Other Side of the Door


This will be the beginning of this blog, an insight into my mind. A portal into my head, if you will. Anyway, this is just an introduction. I will try to update this blog with various subjects that interest me and that I want to express, like ideas toward certain subjects, interests, hobbies, new ideas, stories I'm writing, and so on. Right now, I'm kind of busy with several commitments, so I will probably write things on Saturday, but when I have more time or when I actually remember (since my memory is poor), you will find out more about the insanity in my mind.

What kind of subjects will I talk about? That is a surprise, but some things that interest me are:

As you can see, that is a diverse field of subjects to talk about. Don't worry, there will be something for everyone. So watch out, and stay tuned for the next installment of this terrific blog!

Enter the door, to witness the dark side of the universe.


  1. I have an excellent proposal!

    I fully hope to see engaging posts on theological, ethical, and moral topics here. On that note, allow me to first offer a guest post to you, as I have a new slot open in September. I know, its a long time in advance, but take your time. I hope you will contribute. Secondly, I suggest we start a series of sorts, probably also in September (officially, we'll work ahead until then) where we discuss these matters of theology, ethics and morals in a respectful debate. As in you write a post, then I write a post in response, and so forth. We can work out the details over the next few days perhaps.

    So yes, I am actually legitimately excited at the possibilities. I look forward to your future posts. Keep 'em regular now.

  2. Yay. I'll try, provided that life doesn't decide to kick me in the face.